Published on January 26, 2017

In 2015, two exceptionally gifted young women entered into the women’s middleweight division. They each had outstanding rookie campaigns that landed them on the 2015 Point Fighter Rookie of the Year Poll..¬†Screenshot_2017-01-23-12-11-57

This poll prompted very great comments and debates. Some even requested a set match between the two. The most interesting comment came from one of the women themselves: Drew Beatty.


Drew is from Utah and Emma is from Eastern Canada, so they never faced each other… until this weekend at the AKA Warrior Cup. This was a spectacular overtime thriller! Drew got out to an early lead and blasted Emma with a kick to the head. Emma, like a true champion, fought back and sent it to overtime. Emma completed the comeback and won 7-6! I can’t wait for their second meeting because these two young hungry warriors won’t disappoint. Hopefully, next time the cameras will be rolling, recording or broadcasting when these two meet again and everyone can see the fight and not just read about it. I’m sure it will be just as dramatic, hard hitting and entertaining as their first fight. ¬†Great job ladies!